Welcome to Sift's Employee Engagement ROI calculator. Fill out this short questionnaire and the Sift team will send you a customized Employee Engagement ROI report based on your results.
How many employees does your company have? *

This will be the base metric for your engagement calculation.
How many employees do you expect your organization to have one year from now? *

An important variable to our calculation is expected growth. We don't expect you to know exactly how much you will grow, but a ballpark estimate will help!
What is the average salary at your company? *

This might be a difficult variable to calculate, so give it your best guestimate :)!
What is the turnover rate in your company? *

Turnover rate= the percentage of employees in your organization that leave in a given year.

What is your company's annual revenue? *

This metric is used to calculate employees engagements effect on your organizations productivity.
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